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Get ready to see the difference! Our energy consultants can help you save big with a FREE survey of your lighting and energy consumption. With their expertise, we’ll explore how reducing costs and minimising carbon output is part of the equation for greater efficiency down the line. For more info call 03301281577.

Total Estimated Savings For Our Clients Over 10 Years

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Tailored Energy
Plan & Solution

Our ultimate mission is to help your business become greener and more cost-effective. Partnering with Centric from start to completion of your project will take the stress away from you. We will design, implement groundbreaking technologies and install an energy consumption system specifically tailored for your business.


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“Centric Energy continue to provide us with a professional, insightful, and personalised service that has proved invaluable in the delivery of our ambitious ‘sixbysix’ strategy; maximising our contribution to society and minimising our impact on the environment. At the heart of this, Matt and his team have provided detailed design and lighting strategies for the replacement of LED lighting across more than 40(?) of our buildings and is supporting us as we look to further implement smart controls.”

Martin Dawson, Assura