Energy Management Service

We help you with the full process of energy consultancy including carbon reporting, certifications, commercial energy audits, compliance, legislation and scalable energy. We will work alongside you to ensure that your energy management service is fully optimised and works for you.

Our Energy Consultants will:

  • Understand the energy use of your business
  • Choose the right energy management system tailored to your business

From Survey to installation

Initially, we will arrange for one of our expert energy consultants to visit your site to carry out an energy efficiency audit.  This will show areas we are able to look at cutting down on energy use and save your company money. It has been noted that most businesses before carrying out an energy-saving survey can cut their energy bills by a minimum of 10% and some up to half.

The benefits of an energy survey include:

  • Understanding potential areas wasting energy
  • To gain an understanding of high energy users within a building i.e.: chillers, lighting
  • Identify the baseload within the building
  • The energy survey will highlight specific areas and recommendations for reducing energy use.

To ensure that your energy solution achieves both financial and environmental goals, we provide you with expert proven resources that offer end to end accountability. Within your energy consultation survey, we can outline any potential threats as well as wins, cutting down where we can to maximise your energy savings. Every step of the process from the consultation to the installation is handled with care and a tailored approach as each client and their energy needs are unique.

How much can you save?

It is proven that energy-saving audits enable businesses to cut their energy bills by a minimum of 10% and some up to half.
To work out how much you could save during your energy audit we will calculate your estimated energy savings, the amount of energy per unit for any fuel (calorific values) carbon factors and costs.

Contact us today at Centric Energy Limited to discuss on how we can start saving your business money on its energy costs.

Financing through real5 Finance

For most businesses, their energy costs amount to large overhead and sometimes these expenses can comprise profitability. By making the right adjustments to your energy controls, lighting and other energy solutions such as Solar Panels you can save money over time.

We can help. Centric Energy LTD is able to offer finance solutions to help you budget through real5 finance.

How Centric Lighting can help you with your real5 Finance:

  • Our finance solutions help you to budget through real5 Finance
  • Our solutions are flexible – finance can be paid back over 12 months up to 72 Months, upfront, shorter-term payback, extended 12-month payback
  • Dedicated team on hand when you need them
  • Energy and finance solutions without extreme overheads.

Centric Lighting’s team delivered a great package and the lighting has made a huge difference to our day to day operations.

Pete Lofthouse, Rainbow Cosmetics

Amazing team , lighting installed on time and have created a great atmosphere to work in.