Energy Saving in Medical

The Medical sector depends on energy to run their services, operate critical equipment and save lives. It’s a vital operation but also an expensive one. Scroll down to view our energy savings.

energy saving in medical centres

Northgate Medical Centre

At the Northgate Medical Center, updates were made to help improve the EPC rating of the building. Part of the project was the installation of solar panels on the roof of the building. Another aspect that will largely help in achieving the goal was the decision to modernise the lighting with new energy saving LED lights.

  • Full lighting upgraded throughout waiting rooms and offices
  • Estimated 10 year savings £ 72,000
  • Estimated annual saving of £ 5,737
  • Return on Investment 4 years

Estimated Savings Over 10 Years


Centric Energy and Assura have entered into this agreement of converting to LED lighting solutions at 19 medical centres.
An exciting project that will result in huge savings on energy consumption, CO2 emissions, and costs. Get ready for a brighter future! Click here to see savings per centre.

  • Annual Energy Saved 483,418 kWh
  • Tonnes of CO2 saved over a lifetime 5,146,560
  • Average % Energy Reduction 74%
  • Estimated Annual Electricity Savings £93,801

Estimated Running Costs Saved`Over 10 Years