Energy saving tips for businesses

Jul 5, 2022 | LED Lighting, Saving Energy, Smart Energy

We’re all feeling the pinch at the moment.

Running a business or any organisation is difficult at the best of times, but with spiralling costs on what seems like everything, it’s important to save money where we can. One of the major outgoings has to be energy bills. We can help you reduce costs and reduce your carbon footprint too by providing tailored energy plans.

Here’s our ten top tips;

  1. Use the eco settings on appliances

If your boiler has an eco-setting then it’s wise to use it. You’ll still get hot water, but it’s heated more slowly, which in turn uses less energy. You get the same results; it just takes a little longer.

  1. Don’t use standby mode

Did you know that unless an appliance is switched off at the wall, they continue to use energy? It’s not a massive amount, but in the words of a large grocery store “every little counts.”

  1. Reduce the amount of water you put in your kettle in staff areas

If there’s only a few people in the office, you don’t need a full kettle when making a cup of tea or coffee. By filling your kettle just to the level, you need, it could save you up to a third of the energy you have been using.

  1. Switch to LED bulbs

Traditional bulbs are extremely inefficient. Modern LEDs last longer so are less wasteful too. At Centric energy we offer a complete package which will help you seamlessly make the transition to energy efficient LED lighting in your setting.

  1. Don’t overcharge

We don’t mean your customers, of course we are referring to your devices. Our top tip here is, as soon as a device is fully charged, try and get into the habit of unplugging it. Not only will this save energy, but it also prolongs the battery life of the device too.

  1. Turn down the temperature on your thermostat

You probably won’t even notice the temperature difference, but you’ll notice the difference in your bills

  1. Draft proofing windows and doors.

You’ll lose some heat through gaps around doors and windows, so make sure they’re sealed before the winter months creep in. There are green energy grants available to help with any work which might need doing

  1. Top up the insulation

Just like in your home, it makes sense for offices to have effective insulation. This is a really quick fix and effortless way to save money on your bills. Don’t worry about costs either as green energy grants are available.

  1. Upgrade to an energy efficient boiler

If you have an old boiler, the likelihood is that it’s using too much energy to do the same thing as one of the newer boilers. If you’re afraid of the cost of upgrading, don’t worry as there are grant available to help with the cost of upgrading your boiler too

10.Solar power

Our final tip would be to consider solar energy. Harness the power of the sun and save money on your electricity supply with sustainable energy which will keep your business running during daylight hours and as mentioned above, there are green energy grants to help with the installation cost. We can talk you through the options

Here at Centric Energy, we’re always looking for tips to help ensure that your energy solutions are more efficient, low-carbon and clearer. We can conduct a free on-site energy survey to make sure you are maximising your energy benefits and give advice on grants available. Drop us a message to start your energy saving journey.

Energy saving tips for businesses