What is an EV Charger?

As an increasing number of fleet cars are changing to electric it is more important than ever for businesses to own a charge point.

Electric cars don’t have a gas tank – rather than filling up your car with fuel, you simply plug your car into its EV charging station. The average EV driver does 80% of their car charging at home.

The government is offering grants to businesses under the workplace charging scheme to help ensure that all workplaces are assisted in providing EV charging facilities. The grant provides up to £350 per socket at 75% of the total cost of installation up to a maximum of 20 sockets these are to be installed on dedicated off-street parking for staff, visitor, or fleet use

We offer slow, fast and rapid EV charger options for installation. Speak to one of our experts today for more information.

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Centric Lighting’s team delivered a great package and the lighting has made a huge difference to our day to day operations.

Pete Lofthouse, Rainbow Cosmetics

Amazing team , lighting installed on time and have created a great atmosphere to work in.