Carbon Trust

We offer full assistance when applying for Carbon Trust Green Business Fund and ECA scheme.

Carbon Trust Green Business Fund

The Carbon Trust Green Business Fund is the energy efficient support service for small and medium-sized companies in England, Wales and Scotland. It provides direct funded support up to £5,000 capital contribution per company towards your energy saving equipment purchase.

ECA Scheme

Enhanced capital allowances (ECAs) are a straightforward way for a business to improve its cash flow through accelerated tax relief. The ECA scheme for energy technologies encourages businesses to invest in energy-saving plant or machinery specified on the energy technology list (ETL) which is managed by the Carbon trust on behalf of government. The ECA scheme allows businesses to write off the whole cost of the equipment against taxable profits in the year of purchase.

Project Financing

Centric Lighting’s finance options help organsiations not be constrained by capital budgets, which helps overcome the initial cost for their lighting and controls projects.

This is why we work with a variety of finance partners who specialise in funding options to support the process. We offer a range of funding options that require no upfront capital investment between 24-60 months.

Choosing a finance option can help make a project cash positive from day one as repayments are usually significantly less than the proposed energy savings.

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