Here’s the latest from Centric Energy Solutions.

Sep 22, 2022 | Energy Consultants

Here’s the latest from Centric Energy Solutions.

Centric Energy wants to ensure that your business energy solutions are more efficient, low carbon and clearer. We can help your business to increase output, cut costs and assist in meeting sustainability targets.

What does Centric Energy offer?

Our expert team will complete a free on-site survey on your current lighting and energy consumption. We can then discuss your business wants and needs and how to maximise your energy efficiency.

Latest case study…

Meadowside School wanted to update their emergency lighting throughout the building and to improve the learning environment for the children.

  • We helped them secure funding for the project, with meant no upfront cost to the school.
  • We also upgraded their lighting to an LED system.
  • This gave them an annual saving of £6,150.00 on their energy bills! Allowing them to put that money to better use within the school.

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If you still aren’t 100% sure your business should make the switch to an LED lighting system, here are three reasons why you should:
1.    Energy Saving – they reduce your energy consumption, and now more than ever this makes switching to LED lights your best option!
2.    Work environment & productivity – LED lights can create a warm and welcoming environment for employees and guests. However, they also provide more natural lighting, which will energize employees.
3.    Safer – They produce less heat than traditional bulbs, they don’t make any annoying noises, they do not produce UV emissions, and they are recyclable.

It’s not too late to install LED lights for your business.
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A recent customer review…
We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. ?
Don’t just take our word for it; read this glowing review from a previous client. ⭐️
“Centric Energy’s team delivered a great package and the lighting has made a huge difference to our day to day operations”.

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Here's the latest from Centric Energy Solutions.