School Energy Saving Tips

Feb 22, 2021 | Saving Energy

All schools are looking to save energy which in turn will increase their spending ability in other areas to benefit the children. School energy saving is crucial in all aspects from lighting to climate control. Below are a few tips from us at Centric to help you figure different ways to save energy in your school.

  1. Take advantage of natural sunlight
    Schools about to be built or those being remodelled can utilise new innovative designs to utilise natural light. This can be done by adding blinds to reduce glare and minimise the use of electric lighting. Natural light has also been proven to help enhance the learning environment of students making a calmer environment.
  2. Switch Over to LEDs
    One of the best save electricity at school is to replace incandescent bulbs and standard fluorescent lights with more energy-efficient options. Lighting is one of the main energy costs to a school as lights run all day at the school. Standard lighting is also known to produce a lot of heat which in turn can increase costs relating to air conditioning.
    LED’s offer powerful lighting for a much lower cost.
  3. Invest in energy-saving power strips
    Keep classroom computers and other devices plugged into power strips to help mitigate their standby power usage. Not only will this help save power on a day-to-day basis, but it will also make it easier to unplug all the devices during long holiday breaks.
  4. Invest in Better Cooling Options
    Running an industrial air conditioner to keep the school cool can cost a lot of money. Upgrading to a more efficient cooling system can save mots of money for schools.
    It is also important to maintain or repair windows so that they can open to provide ventilation and also not lose.
  5. Encourage Students to Recycle
    Use incentives for students to improve recycling tendencies.
  6. Have outdoor lessons
    Taking the class outside is a fun way to motivate learning but also save schools energy bills at the same time.
  7. Keep Doors Closed
    Closed doors can also help to minimise heat loss into unused rooms and the corridors, saving energy and in turn saving on the energy bills for schools
    By making a few small changes to your everyday practice can help to save schools hundreds of pounds in energy bills which will then be invested back into what matters the students and their learning.
School Energy Saving Tips