Smart Energy

Technology is always evolving, working with Centric’s cloud based system will enable you to keep up. Our smart sensors and cloud solutions bring real-time data to the fingertips of decision makers, enabling them to optimise operations with confidence and greater efficiency.

smart energy

Smart Lighting

Introducing a smarter way to control your lighting – highly secure wired and wireless solutions that provide the flexibility, visibility and remote controls you need.

Plus save on costs with these energy-efficient options!

Smart Sensors

Unlock the potential of your building’s control system with innovative smart sensors designed for compatibility across both modern and traditional BMS platforms. Create a bridge between existing systems and cutting-edge technology.

Managed Energy

With the true convergence of traditional and smart energy monitoring systems, you can gain invaluable insight into your power-hungry assets. Get itemised information on how much energy each device uses, giving you more control over consumption!

Cloud BMS

With our journey to the cloud, you can free yourself from cumbersome maintenance and worry-free access to a highly managed BMS platform. Experience enhanced convenience with no need for local controls!

Air Quality Solutions

Regain control of your air quality with WELL & RESET certified indoor and outdoor sensors, working together to monitor and optimise the environment for a healthier home or office.

Bespoke IOT Development

At the forefront of technological innovation, our team strives to transform ambitious concepts and ideas into viable business propositions through tailored IOT design solutions.

Smart Energy Benefits

End to End Service

  • Better operational efficiency through automation and more streamlined processes
  • Gain a complete overview of the building’s activities
  • Make more informed decisions
  • Issues can be resolved more quickly
  • One system for staff to learn – reduces training time
  • Offers visibility of the entire building operation

Fully Bespoke

  • The platform is bespoke to only offer services that meet with the building’s business priorities and goals
  • Designed to work the way you work, making it efficient and easy to use
  • Increased efficiency through alignment to your processes and workflow hence minimising unnecessary business process change


  • If building owners/facilities teams do not want to get rid of specific systems i.e., air quality monitoring, smart lighting – they are able to integrate into the platform (so long as their platform is built on open standards)
  • Enables older buildings to become smart
  • Allows building owners to access meaningful data that can optimise their building processes, and tenant satisfaction

ESG Performance

  • Monitor building performance, detect inefficiencies, and make automatic adjustments to facilitate better decision-making with data-driven insight.
  • Preventing ineffective use of resources increases sustainability in a building
  • Make space more efficient, responsive, and sustainable

Real-time Date

  • Improves building services – when decision makers from the bottom up, are armed with the right information – building processes and services can be quickly improved.
  • Personalised customer journey for tenants
  • Real-time visibility on the status of your assets and services.
  • Detect and respond to situations that require attention faster and apply mitigation plans in a timely manner.


Everything in One Place

  • Ability to gain a holistic overview of a single building or entire estate in one platform
  • Save time and effort managing their property in a centralised hub
  • Less time wasted logging in and out of various systems
  • Streamline business processes by monitoring and measuring current systems and processes in one place.
  • Enhances overall control of the building
  • Enables property owners to react quickly to vulnerabilities or alerts

Who we can help?

Developers, Architects & Consultants

Our innovative solutions make it easy to manage your building remotely with improved energy efficiency and a range of certifications. With our tried-and-tested products, you can rest assured that they are also made in the UK, safe for use anywhere within EU standards.

Building Managers &
Estate FM Teams

Our innovative smart solutions provide an efficient way to save your company money and meet Corporate Social Responsibility targets. Perfect for any step of the process, these solutions are easily integrated into existing portals — plus they can be quickly retrofitted without breaking the bank!

Occupiers &
Service Providers

Our services give buildings a smarter outlook, helping clients reduce expenses and enhance the visitor experience. From tracking assets to carrying out streamlined activities, our solutions help infrastructure become more efficient while providing fault management support when needed.