Smart Lighting

Wireless smart lighting has evolved to provide a wealth of innovative solutions, yet the technology still requires further development. Centric Energy is leading that charge with its collaboration alongside Open Connectivity Foundation and partners on groundbreaking IP connected wireless mesh lighting control systems which boast full Dali and Dali2 compatibility for maximum convenience.

smart lighting

Smart Lighting Benefits

  • Lighting systems are self-regulatory which allows them to adjust to natural light conditions and apply the needed intensity reasonably
  • Energy savings and cost savings – lights and lighting levels only being used as necessary
  • Any lighting conditions that cause visual discomfort is likely to lead to eyestrain
  • Lighting that is out of sync with the time of day (bright lights in the middle of the night, poor illumination in the middle of the day) can disrupt your circadian rhythm
  • Circadian rhythm disruption can cause health complications i.e., sleep disorders, mood disturbances, metabolic disorders, and poor immune system
  • If a building’s lighting system is not connected to a centralised BMS platform, building owners are missing out on the opportunity to optimise their building as the smart lighting systems cannot share data that relates to other building systems i.e., If HVAC systems, occupancy sensors, and smart lighting can share information – rooms can be optimised to enhance overall tenant comfortability

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Smart Lighting Features

Smart Sensors

Smart lighting will provide optimal coverage for vital sensor nodes, optimising the high-level of efficiency and safety.

Wireless Mesh

IP Wireless mesh lighting allows fittings to communicate with each other, enabling them to share sensor data and stay constantly connected.

Secure By Design

OCF thread is a secure and efficient solution for connecting nodes to the cloud, utilising an end-to-end IPv6 protocol that ensures full protection.

Compliance Reporting

With automated emergency testing and fire panel tests, you can rest easy knowing that your facility is safeguarded from outages.


Infra-Red detectors give luminaires a steady stream of detection signals, keeping them up to date on room occupancy and movement.

Remote Control & Fix

With minimal effort, you can have your project up and running in no time! From design to installation we have you covered.