Smart Sensors

Elevate your sustainability initiatives to the next level by implementing cutting-edge, connected sensor and control solutions.

Utilising these groundbreaking technology tools will take you across the finish line towards truly sustainable success!

smart sensors

Smart Sensors Features

Indoor Air Quality

Our air quality sensors exceed the high standards set by WELL and RESET, so you can be sure your building is providing employees and visitors with healthy indoor air.


Temperature sensors play a critical role in BMS control solutions, and their accuracy is of the utmost importance. Without reliable readings, these systems can’t provide dependable environmental monitoring or safety protection for buildings.


Improve your comfort level by harnessing the power of cutting-edge Humidity Sensors. Enjoy greater peace of mind knowing you can adjust these complex sensory elements to optimise thermal satisfaction in any environment.

Light Level & Quality

Light level sensors offer a smarter way to manage building management systems and save energy – unlocking opportunities for lowered costs, increased efficiency, and improved sustainability.

Infra-Red (IR)

Infra-Red sensors offer unprecedented accuracy in people counting, surpassing even the most cutting edge PIRs. This technology can be leveraged for a variety of applications where precision is paramount!

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

To maintain healthy spaces, indoor air quality monitoring is an essential component. By keeping tabs on the airborne particles inside a building we can ensure that occupants are taking in only safe and healthy breaths of fresh air.