The Big Zero Show in June

May 3, 2023 | Energy News

Imagine a world of net zero…but do you know what it actually means? Read on for our guide to this and The Big Zero Show.

In layman’s terms, net zero will be achieved when the global greenhouse gases from human activity, such as those produced in homes, transport and agriculture, are balanced with the amount removed from the atmosphere. Indeed there are many ways of working towards a net zero community now, and there is no better way to discover these ways than at The Big Zero Show in Coventry on 20th June.

Who and what?

So who are The Big Zero Show? It started in 2022 and is billed as the ‘biggest business net zero one-day event’, the conference brings together industry leaders, businesses and hundreds of delegates for one day in a bid to moving towards global decarbonisation. It’s back for 2023 and will be even better than last year. 

With over 1500 attendees expected this year to see exhibitors including EDF Energy, Shell Energy and talks from the likes of West Midlands Police Force and the Mayor of West Midlands, Andy Street, this is the trade show for you to attend if you care enough to want to make a change. This is the show that believes green business is better business, this can help you make that change. 

Like us! We will be there to hear the latest innovations in design and technology, and one of the  things we’re particularly interested in is the series of talks on the pathway to net zero. Whilst most business owners we encounter have a healthy interest in this, they see the difficulty is in bridging the gap between that interest and in financing future net zero. The Pathway to Net Zero covers this and the five other big themes we know are crucial if we are to reach out goals, and we are really interested to hear these, it’s what’s prompted this blog!

How do I join?

It’s being held at Coventry Building Society Arena on Tuesday 20th June and it’s completely FREE to join, for tickets and more information about the event, click here.  


So, why are you telling me this we hear you ask? At Centric Energy, we’re passionate about providing energy saving solutions to help maximise costs and reduce carbon footprint. We want to help you to ensure that your business energy solutions are more efficient, low-carbon and clearer. With our wealth of expertise, we can help your business increase output, cut costs and ensure sustainability targets are met. For today, tomorrow and beyond. 

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The Big Zero Show