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Ai Box Light Management System

Ai-Box Wireless Light Management uses 868Mhz frequency for ‘short range devices’ (SRD).  Fully CE marked meeting the requirements of ETSI 300330 which is the relevant standard for Wireless transmission. SRD’s can transmit up to 100m which provides a significant benefit over MESH type networks which operate over shorter distances at much higher frequencies

  • No mesh network

  • No Wi-Fi requirement

  • No Dali Hubs or PC

  • No communication cables

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    Take Control

    Emergency EST – Auto monitoring & reporting Emergency luminaries – Any of the Ai doc inputs can be an emergency or OAO (open air optic).  Full emergency self test as standard providing full emergency diagnostics and auto self test reporting.  Eliminating the need for weekly and annual testing – complies to BS EN 62034.2012

    Harvest Daylight – Any number of Ai boxes can be connected to one daylight link, each Ai-box can then be addressed and see for a minimum daylight level.

    Heat Maps – Ai-box provides precise energy management information reporting back to the Ai-lite portal in both occupancy and energy heat maps.

    Energy Graphs – Energy graphs can be integrated to provide usage data for any given ‘from & to’ period giving the user full analysis of the lighting system.

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